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Whats with the peace signs??? by Zeronblaster1215 Whats with the peace signs??? :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 2 0 Me as Sans cause im  a DOOOOORK. by Zeronblaster1215 Me as Sans cause im a DOOOOORK. :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 1 0 HOPE-fully this drawing is of your liking. by Zeronblaster1215 HOPE-fully this drawing is of your liking. :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 2 0 Derek,The very pissy T.V head guy by Zeronblaster1215 Derek,The very pissy T.V head guy :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 1 0 Look ma! Im an old cartoon! by Zeronblaster1215 Look ma! Im an old cartoon! :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 2 4 Plata by Zeronblaster1215 Plata :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 3 0 Happy birthday Blue by Zeronblaster1215 Happy birthday Blue :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 2 4 Zeron (EON) by Zeronblaster1215 Zeron (EON) :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 6 6 Happy birthday Nyasper by Zeronblaster1215 Happy birthday Nyasper :iconzeronblaster1215:Zeronblaster1215 4 2


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Whats with the peace signs???
EON is not an anime fan, so he doesnt get the peace hand thing.
What a pair of nerds, Plata is trying to get him to notice her, she succeded but not in the way she wanted.

So this is a thing now.
HOPE-fully this drawing is of your liking.
Heheh, Punssss.

I dont know about this one, i just wanted to draw some of my favorite characters in one pic.

I have the weird idea of their siblings being really close friends cause PUZZLES! And being huge dorks also.

So yeah, i drew a thing. Yay.

I dont own the characters i only own the drawing.
Derek,The very pissy T.V head guy
Yeahhh im not good with titles, but hey here´s another character i made, Derek.
Think of him as EON´s rival/jerky friend, he is a nice guy overall but he enjoys being a little mean, specially to EON, it´s not like he hates him or anything like that, that´s just how he is, he is also afraid of Plata cause she once beat him up for making fun of EON.

He enjoys long walks on the beach, playing online games and being a meanie.

Oh right, i didnt make an evolved form for him causeee..... i have no clue what he would look like, i may make it in the future but for now he is just Derek, and im ok with that.
Look ma! Im an old cartoon!

Ok all jokes aside, i had fun making this drawing, i will eventually make more, also im thinking of uploading a tad more cause yeah.
Location: A small bar in a town near the sea.

It was a rather pleasent evening, the sky was clear, a nice brezze was roaming around. Nearby there was a small bar known as "Ice burn" in it, there were many people, but one man stood up from the crowd, a man with gray hair, a frack with various tones of gray, a rather unkempt red cape, black pants and black boots and on his back was a strange looking blade. This was none other than Qrow Branwen, proffesional hunter, he decided to stop by and have a few drinks before heading out to his next mission, he however drank one too many and was a little tipsy, he decided he had enough and went out to have some fresh air.

Outside while he was trying to get his act together Qrow saw a stange man walking by, he was wearing a black suit and gray shirt, his hair was black with two white dots and was stylized to look like a fish fin, speaking of which, from his lower back appeared to have something resembleing a shark or whale´s tail. "Hm? What´s a crow doing around these parts?" Qrow raised an eyebrow and just shoke his head. "Listen, just because i have the name, that doesnt make me an actual crow." "Is that so? Ok then." "Who are you anyways?" "Me? im just an orca on a stroll." Qrow thought to himself "An orca? I guess that explains the tail" Qrow spoke up "You a faunos?" The unamed orca tilted his head "A faunos? What the hell is that?" Qrow just sighed and walked back into the bar "Whatever, see you later freak..." Qrow was then stopped by the orca who then just appeared on front of him, Qrow was rather surprised by this and decided to push him aside, the mysterious orca then said "I kinda wonder what the taste of a crow is like..." All while having a grin on his face, Qrow looked at him with an angry expression and just said "Come find out." Before kicking him in the gut and sending him to the middle of the street, the orca stood up with the same grin he had moments ago. Qrow walked up to him, getting his blade out. "I can see you are strong, even with a weapon i can tell this´ll be a hard fight" The killer whale looked at Qrows blade. "Thats an interesting tool you have there, hope you know how to use it, otherwise this´ll be a easy meal." Qrow smiled and said "Oh, this will be fun."

Time seemed to have stooped around the two men, they were looking at eatchother, seeing every little movement they made, for Qrow this was a way of learning what he was going up against, for the orca this was just a waste of time. The orca then charged at Qrow full speed, Qrow jumped out of the way from the orca´s grasp, he then started slashing away while the orca casually eveaded the attacks, Qrow then went for a stab on the sides, the orca caught onto the blade and said "You are gonna have to try harder than that." And then punched Qrow clean on the face sending him crashing on a small fruit stand nearby. As Qrow got up he said "Very well then." His blade then shifted from a sword to a scythe, the orca looked at this and said "Oh? so your toy can transform? How cut-" Before he could finish his sentence he was the struck by the edgeless end of the scythe and was then forced onto his knees. "Were you saying?" Said Qrow on a mocking tone. The orca looked at Qrow with an angry expression and then started to slash Qrow´s gut with his claw-like hands, Qrow then jumped out of the way, grabing his now bleeding stomach. "Tch..." He then slashed out on the orca, slashing at his limbs. "What´s the matter? Got on your nerves?" Said the orca. The orca then jumped out of the way. "You know... this is one of the most fun fights i have had... too bad i have to finish it now." He then charged at Qrow yet again, this time he grabbed Qrow´s scythe and started to pull it. They were now on a struggle for Qrow´s blade. The orca managed to get the scythe, and then tossed it away. Qrow then took a battle stand and began jabbing at the killer whale´s face. The orca barely felt his punches. "That all?" Said the smiling orca. The orca then punched Qrow on the chest sending him flying to a nearby building. Qrow grabed his gut and let out a huge groan. He looked around for his weapon, it was stucked on a tree a few feet away. Qrow then looked back at the orca, he was wearing a huge grin and began to walk up to the wounded Qrow. Qrow looked at the orca and said. "Sorry, but the meal will have to wait." Qrow then turned into an actual crow and flew out of the orca´s reach. "Thought you said you weren´t a crow... Hah." Qrow then flew to get his blade back, the orca caught onto this and started to chase the now litteral crow, however before he was able to grab Qrow, he tripped and fell right on his face. Qrow then turned back to normal and grabbed his blade once again. He then decided to shift it back to sword mode. The orca then got up and said. "You are pretty good... maybe the strongest i have fought... But its time to end this..." Qrow just nooded and got into a battle position. Both of them exchanged stares, Qrow had a rather tired expression and the orca had a smile on his face but was also tired from all the fighting. They then charged at eachother, Qrow stabbed the orca right thru the stomach, however, instead of screaming, the killer whale bit Qrow on the right arm. Qrow then started to shake him off but to no avail, blood started to pour all over the floor and the orca´s suit. "Let go! Let go!" Qrow shouted at the now barely concious orca. "I said... Let go!" He then kicked the orca on the stomach making him tore out a piece of skin of Qrow´s now bloody arm.

The orca now was laying on the floor, breathing heavily, Qrow pulled his blade out of the orca´s gut. "I guess im the winner." The orca just looked at crow and winked. "Hey, can you do me a solid and pull a cig from my back-pocket an put it in my mouth?" Qrow did as he was told and lit the cigarette with a spare lighter he had. Qrow then sit next to him and pulled his decanter out and had a drink. "Hey, i forgot to ask, whats your name?" The orca then blew some smoke on Qrow´s face and said. "Name´s Idate." "Tell me Idate, you think we made a mess of this small neiborhood?" Idate looks around and said. "Nah, we could have done way worst." "Oh, i almost forgot, name´s Qrow." Qrow then helped Idate stand up. "Wanna have a few drinks?" "Eh, i preffer a good smoke." They then walked into the bar together, sharing a laugh.


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